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Staffing Solutions

Secure highly trained, highly skilled personnel to help you face revenue cycle challenges.




  • Are you having issues with attrition?

  • Requiring team members to return onsite and they are declining?

  • Vaccine mandates impacting staff retention?


Credit Balances

  • Proactively deal with this often neglected aspect of the revenue cycle that can have serious negative implications to your bottom line.

Insurance Follow up

  • Are days in AR creeping up?

  • Are certain payers or work queues growing?

  • We can deploy team members to assist with any portion of your business



Manage Staffing Risks: Our resources give you the peace of mind that you'll have enough resources to manage your staffing needs through today's uncertain landscape. 

Seamless Onboarding: Our team can get up and running with very minimal training. We can also expediate training where needed. 


Highly Skilled Staff: Our qualified team operates as an extension of your team. We care as much as you do.

Healthcare Medical Billing & Coding Staff Augmentation Company & Solutions

The Importance of Coding

As a busy healthcare provider, you deserve to receive the payments you’re entitled to for every service, every time. You need the right coding to receive payments for the correct services from health insurance companies.

At Titan Health Management Solutions, we know all too well how incorrect billing and coding impact providers' revenue cycles and prevent them from earning the amounts they're entitled to. Every expired bill or rejected invoice due to incorrect coding is more than just an administrative problem — it's a loss of revenue.

If your team gets behind, it's easy for the billing and coding queue to build up to unmanageable levels. Backups force providers to rush to keep up, and with that rush come mistakes that cost even more time and money to correct.

When combined with other revenue cycle challenges (Which Titan Health Management Solutions also addresses with our trademark expertise), it's all too easy for a provider to enter a long, slow spiral into financial ruin — no matter how many permanent staff they hire.

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