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A/R Analysis & Recovery

Many hospitals with limited internal collection staff struggle to keep up with their increasing number of unpaid insurance claims. Titan Health recognizes this challenge and offers several A/R follow-up and recovery services to extend the capacity of hospital business offices, including:

  • Aged Receivable Recovery - Collection of unpaid account balances that have reached a specific age threshold.

  • Early Out - Collection of account balances shortly after bill date or date of service.

  • Small Balance Recovery - Collection of account balances too small or time-consuming for internal hospital collection staff to pursue.

​Our experienced collectors are deployed as needed to target specific payors, claim types, or service lines.  We help clear the backlog of unpaid claims while providing valuable feedback on the causes of payment delays and the steps that can be taken to avoid such delays in the future.

Call us today to schedule your risk-free, no obligation consultation with a Titan Revenue Recovery Professional.

Accounts Receivable Recovery for Insurance & Healthcare

Unpaid insurance claims can put your financial health in jeopardy. Every year, a mounting number of unpaid claims creates a dramatic impact on hospitals and healthcare systems, with some providers losing millions of dollars as a result.


But when they partner with Titan Health for our innovative accounts receivable recovery, healthcare providers can focus on delivering top-quality patient care.

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