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Zero Balance Audit & Recovery

Titan auditors analyze paid claims to determine if they were processed in accordance with contract terms, if all services rendered were captured and coded correctly, and if any revenue opportunities were missed.

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ERISA Solutions

ERISA is the best but most underutilized appeal method in recovering underpaid/denied claims. It is a complex method that needs expert help in order to be successful.

Staff Augmentation Solutions

Secure highly trained, highly skilled personnel to help you face revenue cycle challenges.

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A/R Analysis & Recovery

Titan collectors review unpaid and underpaid claims and attempt to collect remaining account balances. These balances include short pay, early-out, and aged balance transfers.

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Work Comp Recovery

Workers compensation (WC) claims present a unique set of payment challenges to hospitals and health systems. Titan collectors address these challenges and recover additional revenue.

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Open Account Reconciliation

Titan collectors evaluate claim viability, pursue viable claims if/when possible, adjust claim balances, and report on root causes of non-viable account balances.

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Denial Management

Titan collectors evaluate fully or partially-denied claims, submit appeals or requests for reconsideration, and attempt to collect unpaid balances.

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Capital Cost Recovery

Coordinating capital cost reimbursement from Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans is a critical component to the financial success of new hospitals.

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Special Projects

Titan auditors and collectors possess a wealth of billing and collection expertise that can be applied to almost any revenue cycle challenge facing your hospital.

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