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Medical Stop-Loss Insurance

Health coverage has become one of the most fundamental benefits offered by today’s employers. But some employers may face significant costs associated with frequent and/or expensive claims.


Stop-loss health insurance can provide a path toward reimbursement, allowing employers to continue caring for their workers without putting a dent in the company budget.


Here’s how Titan Health can help. We’ve already assisted numerous hospitals and healthcare systems with revenue cycle management and reimbursement. Our experienced team can likewise help with reimbursements associated with medical stop-loss insurance.

What Is Stop-Loss Health Insurance?

A stop-loss medical policy is designed for employers who self-fund their employee healthcare plans. It allows employers to provide benefits while mitigating the risk of assuming 100% liability for frequent and/or catastrophic insurance claims.


With a stop-loss policy, the insurer — not the employer — is responsible for any losses that exceed a specific deductible limit

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