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As important as responding timely to claim denials can be, hospitals can sometimes have trouble keeping up with the number of insurance denials they receive. Titan Health can provide the staffing resources needed to expand the capacity of your hospital's collection team.

When full or partially-denied claims are assigned to Titan for resolution, we evaluate the underlying cause, then correct and resubmit the claim or submit an appeal or reconsideration request. We monitor the claim throughout the collection process, balance the account, and document each step along the way. We also report on the root causes and recommend process or system changes necessary to prevent future denials.

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Denial Management

Denial Management Solutions in Medical Billing

Denials are far too common in medical billing. Many healthcare providers are frustrated with how much time they spend on appealing denials. Your administrative staff often spends more time managing denials than filing new claims or helping patients.


Every insurance denial requires additional resources, even though you may never see results from it. Losing revenue from denied claims is common enough that most medical providers write them off routinely. In most cases, the cost is transferred to the patient, making collection harder.


When you don’t have the staffing or expertise in place to deal with a large volume of denied claims, you lose revenue. Fortunately, our denial management solution can help you maximize revenue recovery.

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