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Work Comp Recovery

Workers compensation (WC) claims present a unique set of payment challenges to hospitals and health systems. Repricing companies, third-party medical review organizations, silent PPOs, and unresponsive claim adjusters are just some of the many reasons why WC claims can be among the most difficult to fully collect.

If your facility is located in a state without a mandatory WC fee schedule (NH, NJ, MO, LA, IA, IN, AZ, or WI), chances are you’re receiving reimbursement well below reasonable and customary levels from many WC payers. Using our proprietary payment database, we can go back as far as 2 years to challenge these underpayments and recover the revenue you’re entitled to.

In states with established WC fee schedules, our expert coders can challenge denials triggered by outside review organizations and our veteran collection staff can craft appeal letters that are far more effective than those written by the typical hospital biller. In addition, our national network of payer contacts and on-staff legal resources can significantly accelerate the WC collection process.

Best of all, any payments collected from reprocessing underpaid WC claims go straight to your bottom line. And since our fees are contingent on the amount of revenue we recover for you, there is no risk to your organization if we’re unable to collect additional revenue for you.

Call us today to schedule your risk-free, no obligation consultation with a Titan Revenue Recovery Professional. 

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