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Capital Cost Recovery

Has your hospital been built within the last 3-4 years? Are you planning to build a new facility? Capital cost recovery associated with the building and completion of new healthcare facilities is a revenue opportunity often missed.

Titan’s proven Capital Cost Recovery Service has resulted in significant value for our customers by calculating and rebilling Medicare Advantage plans for reimbursement under capital cost recovery guidelines.

CMS rules provide that all new hospitals receive a specific recovery of capital costs from Medicare as calculated from the hospital’s cost report.

For the first few years of operations, this amount is often recovered from CMS directly. However, Titan can also recover these amounts from some Medicare Advantage payers by determining if their contracts require them to pay “like CMS.”.

Titan will audit and calculate the amounts due to you and coordinate with your payers to make sure any amounts are recovered quickly and efficiently. The revenue recovery can be significant.


Here are three recent examples of successful, recently concluded projects:

  • 64 bed hospital:  $2,148,000

  • 36 bed hospital:  $1,317,000

  • System built two hospitals, combined 194 beds:  $1,094,000


*These amounts will vary based on the number of I/P bed days and specific language with in the payer contracts.

Titan has a proven track record with our specialized approach to Capital Cost Recovery. Our clients are very satisfied with the results of these recoveries, considering they were not anticipated and the process is completely transparent, requiring no access to PHI.

Through all our service lines including Zero Balance Recovery Auditing and Recovery, Titan has recovered more than $325 million for hospitals throughout the U.S.

Call us today to schedule your risk-free, no obligation consultation with a Titan Cost Recovery Professional.

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