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Maximizing Revenue for Hospitals and Health Systems.

We combine the power of next-generation artificial intelligence with decades of claim payment expertise to reveal underpayment patterns in hospital claims. Teams of highly-skilled auditors then target those claims for maximum revenue recovery.

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Zero Balance Audit & Recovery

Titan auditors analyze paid claims to determine if they were processed in accordance with contract terms, if all services rendered were captured and coded correctly, and if any revenue opportunities were missed.

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A/R Analysis & Recovery

Titan collectors review unpaid and underpaid claims and attempt to collect remaining account balances. These balances include short pay, early-out, and aged balance transfers.

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Open Account Reconciliation

Titan collectors evaluate claim viability, pursue viable claims if/when possible, adjust claim balances, and report on root causes of non-viable account balances.



Titan Health was founded in 2002 by two veteran health plan executives who saw firsthand how frustrating the reimbursement process was becoming for healthcare providers. They joined forces with a shared vision of using their insight and knowledge of the claim payment process to help hospitals and health systems get paid fully and fairly for the lifesaving care they provide.

Today, Titan Health reviews thousands of claims and collects millions of dollars for our hospital clients every year. Our dedicated team of audit and collection professionals uses our leading-edge METIS™ software to make a positive difference for our hospital partners and the patients they serve.






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Patient Accounts Reviewed

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Case Study

Titan Health audit team uncovers bundling denials triggered by specific charge code combinations and recovers $2.9M for prestigious Midwest health system. 


Case Study

Titan Health auditor discovers billing unit error made when new drug code added to CDM and helps 5-hospital health system recover $459k in lost revenue. 


Case Study

Hospital and physician claims denied coverage for months; finally overturned through dedication and persistence of Titan Health nurse auditor. 

“Titan’s claim auditors provide valuable insight into some of our most persistent underpayment problems. Their recommendations improve our billing process and have increased our revenue noticeably.”

—  Robert C., Chief Financial Officer

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